Email Marketing/Tracking Services

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Do you have an email mailing list that you would like to send out? Are you frustrated with your results and want to get more efficient and effective with your mailings? We can help, we provide the following:

Full Tracking of Emails

1. Sent and Read Reports (How many emails you sent were actually opened by the recipient)
2. Read and Clicked Reports (How many times, emails that were opened, had links that were clicked)

Database Integration

1. Send out individualized emails to each of your clients/potential clients (with information existing in your database/mailing list)

Example Email:

Subject Line: Hey #name#

Body: We are currently running a special for #company#. Please check out our website and use promotion code "special" for 50% for your company only!

Automation & SPAM avoidance

1. We test your mailer and suggest changes if needed to pass SPAM filters
2. Each recipient on your mailing list will receive your mailer on an automated schedule of your choosing

Not Sure??? Let us put together a sample mailer for you with sent and read reports included.

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